Premier League fixtures 2021/22: Full match schedule confirmed for next season

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 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

The fixtures for the 2021/22 Premier League season have been confirmed.

Manchester City will be looking to defend the title they won last term - a third in four years under manager Pep Guardiola - while dethroned champions Liverpool will be hoping for a better season than the one that ended with them third.

Manchester United finished second behind their rivals but will be optimistic a true title challenge is just around the corner as they hope to end their wait for a first league title since Sir Alex Ferguson’s departure. Their first game is a derby against local rivals Leeds United at Old Trafford.

Chelsea are European champions having beaten City in Porto last month, but despite finishing 2020/21 in fourth place have shown under new manager Thomas Tuchel they are a match for anyone and will be expecting a tilt at the very top in 2022.

It’s not all about the top of the table either. Brentford are into the Premier League for the first time in their history and will be eager to show everyone how far they have come. They host Arsenal in west London on opening day.

Watford are back in the big time after a year away as are Norwich, who won the Championship title going away last season. The Canaries welcome Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool to Carrow Road on the first weekend.

The fixtures for the whole 2021/22 campaign have been revealed this morning with certain dates and kick-off times subject to change.

Full fixture list

14/08/202115:00Brentford v Arsenal

14/08/202115:00Burnley v Brighton

14/08/202115:00Chelsea v Crystal Palace

14/08/202115:00Everton v Southampton

14/08/202115:00Leicester City v Wolverhampton

14/08/202115:00Manchester United v Leeds United

14/08/202115:00Newcastle United v West Ham United

14/08/202115:00Norwich City v Liverpool

14/08/202115:00Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester City

14/08/202115:00Watford v Aston Villa

21/08/202115:00Arsenal v Chelsea

21/08/202115:00Aston Villa v Newcastle United

21/08/202115:00Brighton v Watford

21/08/202115:00Crystal Palace v Brentford

21/08/202115:00Leeds United v Everton

21/08/202115:00Liverpool v Burnley

21/08/202115:00Manchester City v Norwich City

21/08/202115:00Southampton v Manchester United

21/08/202115:00West Ham United v Leicester City

21/08/202115:00Wolverhampton v Tottenham Hotspur

28/08/202115:00Aston Villa v Brentford

28/08/202115:00Brighton v Everton

28/08/202115:00Burnley v Leeds United

28/08/202115:00Liverpool v Chelsea

28/08/202115:00Manchester City v Arsenal

28/08/202115:00Newcastle United v Southampton

28/08/202115:00Norwich City v Leicester City

28/08/202115:00Tottenham Hotspur v Watford

28/08/202115:00West Ham United v Crystal Palace

28/08/202115:00Wolverhampton v Manchester United

11/09/202115:00Arsenal v Norwich City

11/09/202115:00Brentford v Brighton

11/09/202115:00Chelsea v Aston Villa

11/09/202115:00Crystal Palace v Tottenham Hotspur

11/09/202115:00Everton v Burnley

11/09/202115:00Leeds United v Liverpool

11/09/202115:00Leicester City v Manchester City

11/09/202115:00Manchester United v Newcastle United

11/09/202115:00Southampton v West Ham United

11/09/202115:00Watford v Wolverhampton

18/09/202115:00Aston Villa v Everton

18/09/202115:00Brighton v Leicester City

18/09/202115:00Burnley v Arsenal

18/09/202115:00Liverpool v Crystal Palace

18/09/202115:00Manchester City v Southampton

18/09/202115:00Newcastle United v Leeds United

18/09/202115:00Norwich City v Watford

18/09/202115:00Tottenham Hotspur v Chelsea

18/09/202115:00West Ham United v Manchester United

18/09/202115:00Wolverhampton v Brentford

25/09/202115:00Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur

25/09/202115:00Brentford v Liverpool

25/09/202115:00Chelsea v Manchester City

25/09/202115:00Crystal Palace v Brighton

25/09/202115:00Everton v Norwich City

25/09/202115:00Leeds United v West Ham United

25/09/202115:00Leicester City v Burnley

25/09/202115:00Manchester United v Aston Villa

25/09/202115:00Southampton v Wolverhampton

25/09/202115:00Watford v Newcastle United

02/10/202115:00Brighton v Arsenal

02/10/202115:00Burnley v Norwich City

02/10/202115:00Chelsea v Southampton

02/10/202115:00Crystal Palace v Leicester City

02/10/202115:00Leeds United v Watford

02/10/202115:00Liverpool v Manchester City

02/10/202115:00Manchester United v Everton

02/10/202115:00Tottenham Hotspur v Aston Villa

02/10/202115:00West Ham United v Brentford

02/10/202115:00Wolverhampton v Newcastle United

16/10/202115:00Arsenal v Crystal Palace

16/10/202115:00Aston Villa v Wolverhampton

16/10/202115:00Brentford v Chelsea

16/10/202115:00Everton v West Ham United

16/10/202115:00Leicester City v Manchester United

16/10/202115:00Manchester City v Burnley

16/10/202115:00Newcastle United v Tottenham Hotspur

16/10/202115:00Norwich City v Brighton

16/10/202115:00Southampton v Leeds United

16/10/202115:00Watford v Liverpool

23/10/202115:00Arsenal v Aston Villa

23/10/202115:00Brentford v Leicester City

23/10/202115:00Brighton v Manchester City

23/10/202115:00Chelsea v Norwich City

23/10/202115:00Crystal Palace v Newcastle United

23/10/202115:00Everton v Watford

23/10/202115:00Leeds United v Wolverhampton

23/10/202115:00Manchester United v Liverpool

23/10/202115:00Southampton v Burnley

23/10/202115:00West Ham United v Tottenham Hotspur

30/10/202115:00Aston Villa v West Ham United

30/10/202115:00Burnley v Brentford

30/10/202115:00Leicester City v Arsenal

30/10/202115:00Liverpool v Brighton

30/10/202115:00Manchester City v Crystal Palace

30/10/202115:00Newcastle United v Chelsea

30/10/202115:00Norwich City v Leeds United

30/10/202115:00Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester United

30/10/202115:00Watford v Southampton

30/10/202115:00Wolverhampton v Everton

06/11/202115:00Arsenal v Watford

06/11/202115:00Brentford v Norwich City

06/11/202115:00Brighton v Newcastle United

06/11/202115:00Chelsea v Burnley

06/11/202115:00Crystal Palace v Wolverhampton

06/11/202115:00Everton v Tottenham Hotspur

06/11/202115:00Leeds United v Leicester City

06/11/202115:00Manchester United v Manchester City

06/11/202115:00Southampton v Aston Villa

06/11/202115:00West Ham United v Liverpool

20/11/202115:00Aston Villa v Brighton

20/11/202115:00Burnley v Crystal Palace

20/11/202115:00Leicester City v Chelsea

20/11/202115:00Liverpool v Arsenal

20/11/202115:00Manchester City v Everton

20/11/202115:00Newcastle United v Brentford

20/11/202115:00Norwich City v Southampton

20/11/202115:00Tottenham Hotspur v Leeds United

20/11/202115:00Watford v Manchester United

20/11/202115:00Wolverhampton v West Ham United

27/11/202115:00Arsenal v Newcastle United

27/11/202115:00Brentford v Everton

27/11/202115:00Brighton v Leeds United

27/11/202115:00Burnley v Tottenham Hotspur

27/11/202115:00Chelsea v Manchester United

27/11/202115:00Crystal Palace v Aston Villa

27/11/202115:00Leicester City v Watford

27/11/202115:00Liverpool v Southampton

27/11/202115:00Manchester City v West Ham United

27/11/202115:00Norwich City v Wolverhampton

30/11/202119:45Aston Villa v Manchester City

30/11/202119:45Everton v Liverpool

30/11/202119:45Leeds United v Crystal Palace

30/11/202120:00Manchester United v Arsenal

30/11/202119:45Watford v Chelsea

30/11/202119:45West Ham United v Brighton

30/11/202119:45Wolverhampton v Burnley

01/12/202119:45Newcastle United v Norwich City

01/12/202119:45Southampton v Leicester City

01/12/202119:45Tottenham Hotspur v Brentford

04/12/202115:00Aston Villa v Leicester City

04/12/202115:00Everton v Arsenal

04/12/202115:00Leeds United v Brentford

04/12/202115:00Manchester United v Crystal Palace

04/12/202115:00Newcastle United v Burnley

04/12/202115:00Southampton v Brighton

04/12/202115:00Tottenham Hotspur v Norwich City

04/12/202115:00Watford v Manchester City

04/12/202115:00West Ham United v Chelsea

04/12/202115:00Wolverhampton v Liverpool

11/12/202115:00Arsenal v Southampton

11/12/202115:00Brentford v Watford

11/12/202115:00Brighton v Tottenham Hotspur

11/12/202115:00Burnley v West Ham United

11/12/202115:00Chelsea v Leeds United

11/12/202115:00Crystal Palace v Everton

11/12/202115:00Leicester City v Newcastle United

11/12/202115:00Liverpool v Aston Villa

11/12/202115:00Manchester City v Wolverhampton

11/12/202115:00Norwich City v Manchester United

14/12/202119:45Arsenal v West Ham United

14/12/202119:45Brentford v Manchester United

14/12/202119:45Brighton v Wolverhampton

14/12/202119:45Burnley v Watford

14/12/202120:00Crystal Palace v Southampton

14/12/202119:45Leicester City v Tottenham Hotspur

14/12/202119:45Norwich City v Aston Villa

15/12/202120:00Chelsea v Everton

15/12/202120:00Liverpool v Newcastle United

15/12/202120:00Manchester City v Leeds United

18/12/202115:00Aston Villa v Burnley

18/12/202115:00Everton v Leicester City

18/12/202115:00Leeds United v Arsenal

18/12/202115:00Manchester United v Brighton

18/12/202115:00Newcastle United v Manchester City

18/12/202115:00Southampton v Brentford

18/12/202115:00Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool

18/12/202115:00Watford v Crystal Palace

18/12/202115:00West Ham United v Norwich City

18/12/202115:00Wolverhampton v Chelsea

26/12/202115:00Aston Villa v Chelsea

26/12/202115:00Brighton v Brentford

26/12/202115:00Burnley v Everton

26/12/202115:00Liverpool v Leeds United

26/12/202115:00Manchester City v Leicester City

26/12/202115:00Newcastle United v Manchester United

26/12/202115:00Norwich City v Arsenal

26/12/202115:00Tottenham Hotspur v Crystal Palace

26/12/202115:00West Ham United v Southampton

26/12/202115:00Wolverhampton v Watford

28/12/202115:00Arsenal v Wolverhampton

28/12/202115:00Brentford v Manchester City

28/12/202115:00Chelsea v Brighton

28/12/202115:00Crystal Palace v Norwich City

28/12/202115:00Everton v Newcastle United

28/12/202115:00Leeds United v Aston Villa

28/12/202115:00Leicester City v Liverpool

28/12/202115:00Manchester United v Burnley

28/12/202115:00Southampton v Tottenham Hotspur

28/12/202115:00Watford v West Ham United

01/01/202215:00Arsenal v Manchester City

01/01/202215:00Brentford v Aston Villa

01/01/202215:00Chelsea v Liverpool

01/01/202215:00Crystal Palace v West Ham United

01/01/202215:00Everton v Brighton

01/01/202215:00Leeds United v Burnley

01/01/202215:00Leicester City v Norwich City

01/01/202215:00Manchester United v Wolverhampton

01/01/202215:00Southampton v Newcastle United

01/01/202215:00Watford v Tottenham Hotspur

15/01/202215:00Aston Villa v Manchester United

15/01/202215:00Brighton v Crystal Palace

15/01/202215:00Burnley v Leicester City

15/01/202215:00Liverpool v Brentford

15/01/202215:00Manchester City v Chelsea

15/01/202215:00Newcastle United v Watford

15/01/202215:00Norwich City v Everton

15/01/202215:00Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal

15/01/202215:00West Ham United v Leeds United

15/01/202215:00Wolverhampton v Southampton

22/01/202215:00Arsenal v Burnley

22/01/202215:00Brentford v Wolverhampton

22/01/202215:00Chelsea v Tottenham Hotspur

22/01/202215:00Crystal Palace v Liverpool

22/01/202215:00Everton v Aston Villa

22/01/202215:00Leeds United v Newcastle United

22/01/202215:00Leicester City v Brighton

22/01/202215:00Manchester United v West Ham United

22/01/202215:00Southampton v Manchester City

22/01/202215:00Watford v Norwich City

08/02/202219:45Aston Villa v Leeds United

08/02/202219:45Brighton v Chelsea

08/02/202219:45Burnley v Manchester United

08/02/202219:45Norwich City v Crystal Palace

08/02/202219:45West Ham United v Watford

08/02/202219:45Wolverhampton v Arsenal

09/02/202220:00Liverpool v Leicester City

09/02/202220:00Manchester City v Brentford

09/02/202219:45Newcastle United v Everton

09/02/202219:45Tottenham Hotspur v Southampton

12/02/202215:00Brentford v Crystal Palace

12/02/202215:00Burnley v Liverpool

12/02/202215:00Chelsea v Arsenal

12/02/202215:00Everton v Leeds United

12/02/202215:00Leicester City v West Ham United

12/02/202215:00Manchester United v Southampton

12/02/202215:00Newcastle United v Aston Villa

12/02/202215:00Norwich City v Manchester City

12/02/202215:00Tottenham Hotspur v Wolverhampton

12/02/202215:00Watford v Brighton

19/02/202215:00Arsenal v Brentford

19/02/202215:00Aston Villa v Watford

19/02/202215:00Brighton v Burnley

19/02/202215:00Crystal Palace v Chelsea

19/02/202215:00Leeds United v Manchester United

19/02/202215:00Liverpool v Norwich City

19/02/202215:00Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur

19/02/202215:00Southampton v Everton

19/02/202215:00West Ham United v Newcastle United

19/02/202215:00Wolverhampton v Leicester City

26/02/202215:00Arsenal v Liverpool

26/02/202215:00Brentford v Newcastle United

26/02/202215:00Brighton v Aston Villa

26/02/202215:00Chelsea v Leicester City

26/02/202215:00Crystal Palace v Burnley

26/02/202215:00Everton v Manchester City

26/02/202215:00Leeds United v Tottenham Hotspur

26/02/202215:00Manchester United v Watford

26/02/202215:00Southampton v Norwich City

26/02/202215:00West Ham United v Wolverhampton

05/03/202215:00Aston Villa v Southampton

05/03/202215:00Burnley v Chelsea

05/03/202215:00Leicester City v Leeds United

05/03/202215:00Liverpool v West Ham United

05/03/202215:00Manchester City v Manchester United

05/03/202215:00Newcastle United v Brighton

05/03/202215:00Norwich City v Brentford

05/03/202215:00Tottenham Hotspur v Everton

05/03/202215:00Watford v Arsenal

05/03/202215:00Wolverhampton v Crystal Palace

12/03/202215:00Arsenal v Leicester City

12/03/202215:00Brentford v Burnley

12/03/202215:00Brighton v Liverpool

12/03/202215:00Chelsea v Newcastle United

12/03/202215:00Crystal Palace v Manchester City

12/03/202215:00Everton v Wolverhampton

12/03/202215:00Leeds United v Norwich City

12/03/202215:00Manchester United v Tottenham Hotspur

12/03/202215:00Southampton v Watford

12/03/202215:00West Ham United v Aston Villa

19/03/202215:00Aston Villa v Arsenal

19/03/202215:00Burnley v Southampton

19/03/202215:00Leicester City v Brentford

19/03/202215:00Liverpool v Manchester United

19/03/202215:00Manchester City v Brighton

19/03/202215:00Newcastle United v Crystal Palace

19/03/202215:00Norwich City v Chelsea

19/03/202215:00Tottenham Hotspur v West Ham United

19/03/202215:00Watford v Everton

19/03/202215:00Wolverhampton v Leeds United

02/04/202215:00Brighton v Norwich City

02/04/202215:00Burnley v Manchester City

02/04/202215:00Chelsea v Brentford

02/04/202215:00Crystal Palace v Arsenal

02/04/202215:00Leeds United v Southampton

02/04/202215:00Liverpool v Watford

02/04/202215:00Manchester United v Leicester City

02/04/202215:00Tottenham Hotspur v Newcastle United

02/04/202215:00West Ham United v Everton

02/04/202215:00Wolverhampton v Aston Villa

09/04/202215:00Arsenal v Brighton

09/04/202215:00Aston Villa v Tottenham Hotspur

09/04/202215:00Brentford v West Ham United

09/04/202215:00Everton v Manchester United

09/04/202215:00Leicester City v Crystal Palace

09/04/202215:00Manchester City v Liverpool

09/04/202215:00Newcastle United v Wolverhampton

09/04/202215:00Norwich City v Burnley

09/04/202215:00Southampton v Chelsea

09/04/202215:00Watford v Leeds United

16/04/202215:00Aston Villa v Liverpool

16/04/202215:00Everton v Crystal Palace

16/04/202215:00Leeds United v Chelsea

16/04/202215:00Manchester United v Norwich City

16/04/202215:00Newcastle United v Leicester City

16/04/202215:00Southampton v Arsenal

16/04/202215:00Tottenham Hotspur v Brighton

16/04/202215:00Watford v Brentford

16/04/202215:00West Ham United v Burnley

16/04/202215:00Wolverhampton v Manchester City

23/04/202215:00Arsenal v Manchester United

23/04/202215:00Brentford v Tottenham Hotspur

23/04/202215:00Brighton v Southampton

23/04/202215:00Burnley v Wolverhampton

23/04/202215:00Chelsea v West Ham United

23/04/202215:00Crystal Palace v Leeds United

23/04/202215:00Leicester City v Aston Villa

23/04/202215:00Liverpool v Everton

23/04/202215:00Manchester City v Watford

23/04/202215:00Norwich City v Newcastle United

30/04/202215:00Aston Villa v Norwich City

30/04/202215:00Everton v Chelsea

30/04/202215:00Leeds United v Manchester City

30/04/202215:00Manchester United v Brentford

30/04/202215:00Newcastle United v Liverpool

30/04/202215:00Southampton v Crystal Palace

30/04/202215:00Tottenham Hotspur v Leicester City

30/04/202215:00Watford v Burnley

30/04/202215:00West Ham United v Arsenal

30/04/202215:00Wolverhampton v Brighton

07/05/202215:00Arsenal v Leeds United

07/05/202215:00Brentford v Southampton

07/05/202215:00Brighton v Manchester United

07/05/202215:00Burnley v Aston Villa

07/05/202215:00Chelsea v Wolverhampton

07/05/202215:00Crystal Palace v Watford

07/05/202215:00Leicester City v Everton

07/05/202215:00Liverpool v Tottenham Hotspur

07/05/202215:00Manchester City v Newcastle United

07/05/202215:00Norwich City v West Ham United

15/05/202215:00Aston Villa v Crystal Palace

15/05/202215:00Everton v Brentford

15/05/202215:00Leeds United v Brighton

15/05/202215:00Manchester United v Chelsea

15/05/202215:00Newcastle United v Arsenal

15/05/202215:00Southampton v Liverpool

15/05/202215:00Tottenham Hotspur v Burnley

15/05/202215:00Watford v Leicester City

15/05/202215:00West Ham United v Manchester City

15/05/202215:00Wolverhampton v Norwich City

22/05/202216:00Arsenal v Everton

22/05/202216:00Brentford v Leeds United

22/05/202216:00Brighton v West Ham United

22/05/202216:00Burnley v Newcastle United

22/05/202216:00Chelsea v Watford

22/05/202216:00Crystal Palace v Manchester United

22/05/202216:00Leicester City v Southampton

22/05/202216:00Liverpool v Wolverhampton

22/05/202216:00Manchester City v Aston Villa

22/05/202216:00Norwich City v Tottenham Hotspur

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