Mario Balotelli makes surprise school visit to use bathroom

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Since Mario Balotelli has already solved school bullying and taught kids about firework safety, there really is just one thing left for him to do in a place of learning: use the toilet. And according to the latest report on the Man City striker's perhaps fictional behavior, that's exactly what he did.

From the Manchester Evening News:

The eccentric Blues star turned up unannounced at the 1,800-pupil Xaverian College in Manchester around 1.30pm this afternoon.

Parking his white Bentley in the car park he strolled into the Rusholme college's canteen area to ask pupils where the toilets were.

After spending a penny he went into the staff room to speak to teachers.

Accompanied by three friends he then walked around the campus of the sixth form college followed by cheering Man City supporting students.

After staying for around 20 minutes Balotelli and his friends drove off — leaving amazed students frantically calling and texting their friends to tell them what happened.

Most grown men who show up at a school unannounced and hang out in the bathroom have the police called on them, but not Mario. After all, this is the same guy who drove right into an Italian women's prison without consequence, so clearly Mario is immune to normal legal standards.

Still, I'm increasingly convinced that Mario's whole life is an endless series of dares from a mysterious and brilliant puppet master friend of his.

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