Russia pokes fun at Olympic ring mishap during Closing Ceremony

Who says the Russians don’t have a sense of humor?

During the Closing Ceremony of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, several dancers appeared in silver outfits pretending to be fish on what we assume was the Black Sea. It was truly beautiful.

And then it turned humorous.

The group of dancers set up to form the five Olympic rings, but instead formed four and left the other as a snowflake.

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Of course, this was a nod to the highly-publicized Olympic ring mistake from the Opening ceremony where four snowflakes turned to rings and one did not.

When given a second chance during the Closing Ceremony, Russia did this:

Ceremony director Konstantin Ernst, who was criticized after the opening ceremony mishap, hinted that something might be up when he was seen prior to the Closing Ceremony wearing this:

Way to bring it full circle, Russia… Or full snowflake.

Click on the image below for photos from the Closing Ceremony:

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