The regular jobs of 2014 Sochi Olympic athletes

The regular jobs of 2014 Sochi Olympic athletes

Red Bull sponsors bobsledder Lolo Jones. Oakley sponsors short-track speed skater J.R. Celski. CoverGirl sponsors figure skater Ashley Wagner.

Those are some of the few elite athletes who receive some form of financial support from corporate sponsors that allows them to focus on their sport.

But outside the sports arena, some of their peers are not as fortunate. Many support themselves working regular jobs, as noted recently, to pay their bills and fund their sport.

Take a look at this list of Sochi 2014 Olympic athletes and their jobs.

1. Armin Zoeggeler is competing in luge for Italy, but he's really a police officer


2. Julie Chu will be playing in Team USA's women's hockey, which explains her day job: assistant hockey coach. 


3. John Landsteiner is an American curler but you probably didn't know he earns his living as a civil engineer.


4. American luger Chris Mazdzer is taking time off his day job at the Whiteface Lodge in Lake Placid, NY, to compete in the Olympics.


5. Jessica Schultz is a physical therapy assistant competing in curling for Team USA.  


6. Erika Brown, a physician assistant, is also part of the U.S. curling team.


7. Kyle Tress is a co-founder of a software development company, but he's taking time off to compete in skeleton for the U.S. at the Olympics.


8. Thumbs up for curler Jennifer Jones, who is a corporate lawyer and will be representing Canada. 


9. Captain America? Nick Cunningham, a construction and masonry engineer at the New York National Guard, is bobsledding for Team USA in red, white and blue.


10. Mr. Jeff Isaacson, a jr. high school science teacher, is also a Team USA curler.


11. No, American bobsledder Steve Holcomb is not Superman. On the side, he's a computer technician.


12. Tomoko Sakagami worked as a pizza deliver driver to finance her Olympic dreams. She is playing in Japan's women hockey team at the Sochi Games.


13. Broken faucet? No problem. Matt Mortensen is a handyman. Oh and he's also competing in luge for Team USA.


14. Debbie McCormick has a passion for curling. She's an equipment distributor for Goldline Mobile Pro Shop, and she's competing in curling for Team USA.

15. Brad Jacobs is an accounts manager for Royal Bank of Canada, and a curler competing for Canada.


16. American curler John Shuster is a bartender and restaurant manager.


17. American bobsledder Elana Meyers is a substitute teacher during the off season.


18. Vanessa-Mae, who will be competing in Alpine skiing for Thailand, is also a professional violinist. No big deal, right?