British boxer paid for her dog to watch Olympics at kennel

British gold-medal winners love their dogs and want them to share the Olympic spirit.

Days after Andy Murray festooned his two border terriers, Maggie May and Rusty, with his gold and silver medals, it was learned that British boxer Nicola Adams paid for her dog, Dexter, to watch her Olympic bouts while he was boarded at a kennel.

The Morley Observer and Advertiser reports Adams paid a small fee so the doberman would be able to view her event. The manager at MyPetShop said that while it's not uncommon for owners to pay for little amenities for their dog, it's never been quite like this.

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"This will certainly be a first where the dog can watch their owner - especially in the Olympics - so I'm sure Dexter will be excited," Sheli Dobbie told the paper.

Adams won her flyweight event on Thursday, becoming the first woman to ever win a gold in the new Olympic sport.

Because he was boarded in Leeds, Dexter had no tape delay to contend with and was able to watch live on the BBC. Thank goodness: I'd imagine kennels are difficult places to avoid Olympic spoilers.

Dexter celebrated by taking a nap and barking at a nearby Pomeranian.

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