Zbynek Michalek avoids suspension, fine for hit to head of Caps’ Matt Hendricks

Zbynek Michalek of the Pittsburgh Penguins was in a peculiar position on Monday: Arguing that his hit on Matt Hendricks of the Washington Capitals didn't warrant anything more than the elbowing minor it received on Sunday afternoon, while waiting to hear if the hit Alex Ovechkin put on Michalek would received its own punishment.

The first skate to drop was for Michalek: The NHL Department of Player declared that there would be no fine or suspension for this hit to the head of Hendricks (via @cjzero)

From Stephen Whyno of the Washington Times:

Michalek got two minutes for elbowing but no further suspension or fine from the NHL, league spokesman confirmed. It's believed that no suspension or fine because Michalek's knee buckled when hitting Hendricks' butt, contributing to his losing his balance and lunging forward.

His "butt"? Always with the technical terms …

Michalek owned up to the elbowing call, saying "I took a penalty and it was a good call." The NHL apparently feels there are some extenuating circumstances that negate any supplemental discipline.

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