Watch Luc Robitaille share stories with Jeremy Roenick, Pavol Demitra before final NHL game (VIDEO)

During the 2005-06 NHL season, FSN West spent time filming behind-the-scenes of the Los Angeles Kings' season. The team would finish 10th in the Western Conference and the biggest news of the season was the ending of Luc Robitaille's career. Earlier in the year, Robitaille had become the franchise's all-time leading goal scorer.

According to YouTube user "45KingsFan", he was part of the filming crew, with footage used on FSN throughout the season. After the Lokomotiv tragedy, he compiled footage that was cut featuring Pavol Demitra, who died in the crash one year ago today.

During the 12-minute video, there's plenty of fun stuff, but starting at the 4:37 mark, the crew films behind-the-scenes before Robitaille's final NHL game on April 17, 2006, a 4-0 win over the San Jose Sharks. In the trainer's room, Robitaille, Demitra and Jeremy Roenick share stories about the 1991 All-Star Skills Competition where Mark Messier cheats during the accuracy shootout, Demitra coming up through Ottawa's system and "that kid" Danny Briere:

The entire video is worth the watch. Ever wanted to hear Jeremy Roenick sing Craig David's "Rendezvous"? What about cameos from young Sean Avery and Dustin Brown? And we truly hope that somebody got that whole tub filled up with ice for Craig Conroy.

YouTube user "booedofftheice" has videos of the actual footage used on FSN not just from before Robitaille's final game, but during that Kings season.

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