Roberto Luongo has tires stolen from SUV in most ironic crime ever perpetrated

Roberto Luongo has had a rough go of things for the last little while. He was forced to share the crease with Cory Schneider despite requesting a trade, then watched the Vancouver Canucks trade Schneider instead of him. Then at the World Series of Poker, his summer distraction of choice, he busted out on Day 2.

And then, just when he couldn't possibly need his tires pumped more ... those tires were stolen right off of his car:

This was the scene in Roberto Luongo's driveway Tuesday morning.

"At least the robbers were nice enough to leave me the car," Luongo said in sharing the photo above. Don't lose that optimism, Lu. You'll need it at the airport while you're trying to psych yourself up for the flight back to Vancouver.

Unless, and here's a theory, this theft was part of a larger scheme to make him want to go back to Vancouver.

After all, he spent all of last week in Montreal at his brother's wedding, and then, his first day back in Florida, his car gets stripped? It's almost as though someone is trying to frighten him back to Canada. But who would do such a thing?

(If this were a Scooby-Doo episode, this is the moment Mike Gillis turns out to be the phantom.)

Eddie Lack, Luongo's expected backup next season, made sure to point out that it wasn't him:

But methinks he doth protest too much. Maybe he doesn't know how far Florida is from Vancouver and is trying to prevent Luongo from making the drive in a bid for the starting job?

Meanwhile, Canucks' teammate Jordan Schroeder just learned of something worse than being stuck in traffic:

Yeah, Roberto Luongo probably can.

In any case, you've gotta feel for Luongo. Two years after the Stanley Cup Final and we're still talking about his tires.

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