Pass or Fail: Sabres’ Connor McDavid jersey signed by Connor McDavid

Via Twitter
Via Twitter

It’s not secret that the Buffalo Sabres are gunnin’ for that No. 1 spot … in the draft lottery.

It’s also no secret that many Sabres fans want Connor McDavid to be the pot of gold at the end of that rainbow, giving them a Sidney Crosby-level prospect around whom to build.

This mindset hasn’t exactly been discouraged by the Sabres, who invited McDavid’s junior team to play a game in Buffalo. Hence, some fans have gone so loopy that they’ve dropped coin on official Connor McDavid Buffalo Sabres jerseys, complete with his No. 97 number from the Erie Otters.

Collin Kuznik is one such Sabres fan, via the Canadian Press last October:

"I just got the Sabres McDavid jersey because I figured the Sabres' shot at him is pretty high this year," Kuznik said. "(Fans) cheer for the Sabres but after every loss they go, 'At least we can get McDavid.'"

Well, Collin took it one step further last weekend. Not only does he now have a custom jersey for a player who is yet to be drafted by the Buffalo Sabres –  or any other NHL team, for that matter – he now has one signed by that player who has yet to be drafted by the Buffalo Sabres … or any other NHL team, for that matter.

This is going to go one of a few ways:

1. A cunning acceptance of the inevitable, as Collin becomes the first of many who own an autographed Connor McDavid Sabres jersey.

2. A sad reminder of what might have been, when McDavid wins a Hart Trophy for the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Buffalo News prints its fifth “What’s wrong with Jack Eichel?” feature of the month.

3. The Sabres get McDavid, and he changes his number. But in the operative phrase: The Sabres get McDavid.

So, with all that said…

PASS OR FAIL: Getting your Buffalo Sabres Connor McDavid jersey signed by Connor McDavid before the Buffalo Sabres actually draft Connor McDavid.


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