Milan Lucic has marathon fight for LA Kings vs. Ducks (Video)

There are only a few good reasons to have a preseason fight in the NHL. One is if you’re a player literally fighting for a roster spot, and you want to impress your coaches and teammates. Another is if you’re an established face-puncher and, well, you want to impress your teammates (or set the other guy straight, I tells ya!).

Which brings us to Tuesday night’s tilt between Milan Lucic of the Los Angeles Kings and Josh Manson of the Anaheim Ducks.

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Manson isn’t really a fighter, despite being the son of former NHL defenseman Dave Manson, who was. Lucic, of course, punches faces and is paid to bring a certain level of physical intimidation to the Kings. That this fight occurred in a game against their arch and most physical rival? Probably not a coincidence.

Manson held his own in this fight, which lasted over a minute, before tiring out and dropping on a Lucic punch.

He also cut Lucic under his eye, drawing blood.

It’s going to be fun to see how Lucic changes the dynamic of this rivalry.



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