Mats Sundin and the great hair debate on Hockey Hall of Fame plaque (PHOTO)

Congrats again to Joe Sakic and three other players for their induction to the Hockey Hall of Fame on Monday night. One of those other guys was Mats Sundin of the Quebec Nordiques, Toronto Maple Leafs and, most importantly, the Vancouver Canucks. Here's his monument to immortality:

Wait ...


C'mon, Hockey Hall of Fame.

We know there was probably some input from the player here, asking for an idealistic version of himself on his plaque.

But that's not Mats Sundin. That's Matt Damon playing Dolph Lundgren in about 10 years.

Mats Sundin looks like Baron von Raschke, or a thug from a "Die Hard" film. Granted, he had hair as late as 2003, but we remember him as a cue ball, not as a police sketch of a 30-year-old shoplifter.

This is like giving Mark Messier an afro on his plaque. No sir, we don't think we like it.

There was another aspect of this plaque (and the Joe Sakic one above it) that irked us for a few moments: Citing the all-time ranking for their statistical achievements.

Mats Sundin, for example, is No. 21 all-time with 564 goals, while Joe Sakic is No. 8 all-time with 1,641 points.

So what if someone passes them?

Jarome Iginla (516 goals) might need two seasons to catch Sundin, and Jaromir Jagr (988 assists) could catch Sakic (1016) in the same span.

Then we figured it's a tribute to their ranking at the time of their enshrinement. And we got over it.

Via the Vancouver Canucks, here is Pavel Bure's Hockey Hall of Fame plaque:

What, no Florida Panthers reference? No respect, we tells ya, no respect …

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