Josh Gorges destroys penalty box glass with harmless clearing attempt (Video)

It's been a tough opening week for the NHL's partitions. Three days ago, Patrick Roy went apecrap on Bruce Boudreau and Corey Perry of the Anaheim Ducks, and when a partition dared stand in his way, it received the brunt of his wrath. Now it's out 4-6 weeks.

Then, on Saturday, another partition fell when Montreal Canadiens' defenceman Josh Gorges' seemingly innocuous clearing attempt reduced the side wall of the penalty box to a pile of glass bits:

And that's how you turn penalties off in the NHL.

Two theories as to why this simple dump-out destroyed the partition like that. Theory one: since it's usually shielded by the penalty box door, it's highly unlikely that this pane is going to take a puck, so it might not make much sense to make it as sturdy as the others.

Theory two: Josh Gorges is secretly some sort of super-strong mutant that's been feigning normal human strength this entire time.

If it's theory two, then Sean Couturier is fortunate that the puck just narrowly missed him as he was exiting the box, or it's possible that he'd have exploded in a cloud of dust.

Anyway. That's coming out of your paycheque, Josh.

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