Ice, Ice Babies: Baby Sabres fan preaches fiscal responsibility; baby Kings fan is content

Ice, Ice Babies is the official home for photos of infants in NHL team gear. If you've recently turned your child into a living, breathing NHL gnome (since all babies look like old men), by all means, send your photos to In the meantime, feast your eyes on this onslaught of adorability.

The NHL lockout drags on, but if there's one thing you can't lock out, it's the cuteness of babies. (Babies themselves are incredibly easy to lock out, because most to all are incapable of using house keys.) And, in this pivotal, stressful week for hockey fans hoping against hope for a swift resolution, we thought the time was right for a brief baby break.

(Not to be confused with a body break.)

Take your mind off of complex concepts like escrow and H.R.R. and enjoy some photos of kids that have no idea of the baggage, frustration or emotional roller coaster involved in being a fan of the NHL -- let alone one of its teams -- and enjoy the second installment of Ice, Ice Babies.

For instance, hockey fan Doug Pippy claims this is his son's reaction to the lockout. I don't buy it. More likely is that this baby just hates the Senators-themed Robin Hood costume in which his parents have dressed him.

Tip for Doug: if the kid really misses Senators hockey, just turn on the Muppet Show. There are some stark similarities.

The child of reader Eric Bonus, atop a Sabretooth pillow: "So I'm a Sabres fan? OK cool. Hey, are we a fiscally responsible team? Because that's all I care about... wait, we're paying Leino how much?!"

According to reader Gid Herman, he was holding his 3-month-old son in his arms when the Kings won their first Stanley Cup. No wonder the kid looks so happy to be a Kings booster a few months later: He mistakenly believes the teat of fandom overflows with the milk of championships.

Meanwhile, this baby Sharks fan harbors no such delusions. I'm sorry, bud. But you'll come to terms with it.

This little guy is a little calmer, but he literally just left the womb. After a few postseasons as a Sharks fan, he'll probably want right back in.

Daniel Wagner's son Ozymandias -- seriously -- is stoked to be photographed with his bear, which he thinks is an actual Vancouver Canuck. But that's silly. No way that bear would survive even a day in the same locker room as David Booth.

And finally, Rhonda Coughlin gives us her baby boy Bearr, the chillest Minnesota Wild fan you'll ever meet. He's like, Sup haters, Bearr here. Just chillin' on a pile of dead animal. We got Parise and Suter. You mad? Wild for life.

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