A fistful of Jagrs: six hockey fans salute evolution of legendary winger (VIDEO)

What's better than Jaromir Jagr?

Not much. The Dallas Stars' winger is still a dangerous offensive weapon at 40. Through 13 games, he has 11 points, 2 of which came Wednesday night in the Stars' 7-4 defeat at the hands of the Calgary Flames. Jagr had 2 apples in the loss.

Really, the only thing that might top Jagr is several Jagrs, and what do you know, there were 7 at last night's game, the real one included:

That's right, it was Jagrpalooza at the Saddledome, where six fans pulled off an amazing tribute, coming dressed as mulleted incarnations of Jagrs throughout the years and saluting the legendary Czech winger. Represented by the Jagrs of yore: Pittsburgh Jagr, Dallas Jagr, Philadelphia Jagr (was that really the best Flyers jersey they could find?), Washington Jagr, New York Jagr, why, there was even Team Czech Republic Jagr. They were only missing Avangard Omsk Jagr and Kladno Jagr. But those jerseys are probably a little tougher to chase down.

Jagr had a chuckle when he spotted the half-dozen impersonators in the stands, which is the appropriate response here. What a great tribute to the living legend.

A better response, however, would have been if Jagr joined the Jagrs, and the seven of them all got a tiny cottage in the woods together. Then, one day, a beautiful young woman on the run from an evil queen jealous of her beauty happened upon the cottage and they wound up taking her in, and protecting her from the queen's attempts at her life.

Best. Fairy tale. Ever.

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