First Look: LA Kings Stanley Cup DVD clips, including Dustin Brown destroying Henrik Sedin

As the saying goes: To the victors go the NHL/Warner Bros. Home Video Stanley Cup Champions Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Packs …

Here is the cover for the Los Angeles Kings' Cup video, featuring Azne Kopitar, Dustin Brown, Drew Doughty's back and Jonathan Quick in what we imagine was mid-cuss.

From the NHL:

The Stanley Cup Champions 2012: Los Angeles Kings DVD is a must-have DVD, released just a month after Jonathan Quick and the Kings hoisted the Stanley Cup, will have in-depth highlights from the memorable season and playoff run, exclusive behind-the-scenes footage as well as interviews with key players and coaches. The Stanley Cup Champions 2012: Los Angeles Kings DVD will be available starting July 24 on DVD and on Blu-Ray wherever DVDs are sold and at

No word if there will be an alternate audio commentary in which local Los Angeles sports anchors regale us with tales about the Sacramento Kings winning the Handley Cap …

Coming up, two exclusive first-look clips from the LA Kings' DVD, including Dustin Brown laying the smack down on Henrik Sedin of the Vancouver Canucks.

First off, here's the intro to the LA Kings' championship DVD.

You know, taking a step back from it all, the Kings did have a lot of different heroes through that run, beyond the guys on the DVD cover. And by that we mean, "Can you still believe Dustin Penner ended a series in OT?"

Speaking of heroes, here's Captain Brown with one of the more memorable hits of the postseason on Henrik Sedin:

Yowch. And as Brown said, "demoralizing" a captain in front of the opposing team's bench.

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