Did Jackets’ Dorsett bite Blues’ Stewart after their fight Thursday night?

These two have never seemed fond of one another. But biting?

Midway through the second period of Thursday night's affair between the St. Louis Blues and the Columbus Blue Jackets, Chris Stewart got into it with Derek Dorsett. After a whistle, the two players bumped into one another, and that was enough for the gloves to drop.

Stewart came out on top both literally and figuratively. He won the fight decisively, falling on top of Dorsett to end it. And that's when, according to Stewart, Dorsett bit him.

From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

That is, Stewart said Dorsett bit him on the back of the hand during the scrap. “Yeah, he bit me,” said Stewart. “Want to see the teeth marks?”

Stewart pleaded his man-bites-man case to officials afterward, but to no avail. He then continued to yell at Dorsett as they went to the penalty box.

Classic "He Said, He Bit."

Dorsett denied biting originally, but his most recent comments to Aaron Portzline of the Columbis Dispatch don't emphatically slam the door on the possibility that it happened:

"It was a fight," Dorsett said. "We were down on the ground. At one point, his fingers were down in my mouth. If ... if ... and this is a big if ... if I bit down, I didn’t intentionally bite down.

"Obviously, he’s trying to make this a big deal. It’s not the big deal he’s trying to make it into."

"I may have bit down, but not on purpose" is the "I smoked but didn't inhale" of biting allegation defences.

But if Stewart's looking for justice, the evidence supporting his claim appears to be scant.

The Blues broadcast was of little help. They managed to miss everything -- both the scrap itself, and the alleged moment at which Dorsett got bitey:

Man. Is Stewart sure the bite wasn't actually just him punching Dorsett in the mouth? That was a one-sided tilt.

Stewart might have to take solace in the fact that he won the fight. Pursuing justice in a case like this is probably a fool's errand. Biting allegations are rarely proven, even when the evidence is pretty much incontrovertible:

Either way, if Stewart really was bitten, I hope he remembers that the thing to do in such situations is run it under a cold tap.

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