Coyotes’ Mike Smith invites you to name his terrible haircut (VIDEO)

Back in January, Mike Smith was sporting the glorious mane you see above. In my opinion, it made him look a little a professional wrestler. Couldn't you see this guy on a tag team with Edge?

Cool as it made Smith look, however, it didn't keep him cool. The Phoenix Coyotes goaltender said it was making him too hot, so he trimmed it down. Now he looks less like a wrestler and more like, well, a hockey player, which I guess is appropriate. It looks something like an old-school mullet.

But, while it resembles a mullet, it isn't exactly a traditional one, as it appears to have elements of a fohawk as well. Really, it looks less like a haircut and more like he stabbed his hair to death in a crime of passion.

When pressed to name his new 'do, Smith wisely put the question to the media instead. What would you call it?

But why should the media have all the fun, especially when their incredible opportunity to name this monstrosity thing is just yields uncreative suggestions like the "fullet" or the "mullawk".

We firmly believe that the Puck Daddy readership can better serve whatever the Hell this atrocity on Mike Smith's head is.

Thus, we put it to you, dear reader: what is this thing?

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