Canadiens fan creates ultimate goal celebration in living room (Video)


Imagine sitting in your living room watching your favorite NHL team playing in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. You’re probably on the edge of your seat reacting to each moment of the game. The big hits. The big saves. The scoring chances.

Now imagine, since you can’t be at the arena, when your team scores a goal you can still feel the experience and celebrate in your own unique way. This is the idea Francois Maillet, a Montreal-based computer scientist, had in mind when he created a goal celebration light show in his living room. 

A Montreal Canadiens fan, Maillet trained a machine learning model to know when a goal was scored just by the sound of the announcer yelling GOAL!. Once the Canadiens scored and the announcer did his thing, this is what happened:

Maillet originally planned to create a light show like this that was triggered by someone pushing a button after a goal was scored. But wrrying about finding a button to push while celebrating is too much to remember, so Maillet went the automatic route and the final result is awesome. 

Tested during two games of the Ottawa/Montreal series, Maillet found a 75-percent success rate between the goal being scored, the announcing’s call and the party getting started in his living room. He explains his entire construction process on his blog in great detail.

This really puts those Budweiser red lights to shame. 

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