Brent Burns’ hilariously terrifying NHL headshot; he’s now more beast than man (PHOTO)

Ah, NHL training camps. A time for happy reunions, rigorous fitness tests and awkward publicity photos that make your high-school yearbook headshot seem like an Annie Leibovitz presentation by comparison.

Unfortunately, San Jose Sharks defenseman Brent Burns was unable to attend his team’s photo shoot this week. But fret not: He apparently sent a Sasquatch in his place.


Yes, one of Cosmopolitan magazine’s hottest hockey players of 2013 decided to look like a shipwrecked hippie for his official team photo. If you’re wondering why he has the beard, our only guess is that he’s allowing a small menagerie of snakes to live in it.

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Thing is, this preposterous headshot shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that’s followed the slow transformation of Brent Burns from a human being into some sort of altered beast ...

Here’s a look at the evolution of Brent Burns:

Again, 2014 is merely a projection. He could easily look like this or this as well.

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