Blackhawks fan tests hockey gods, adds ’2013′ to Stanley Cup tattoo (Photo)

Russell Pedersen doesn't believe in jinxes. He also doesn't believe in the powers of the hockey gods.

He does believe, however, that the Chicago Blackhawks will win the Stanley Cup in seven games over the Boston Bruins. He believes this so much that he decided to get ahead of things and add "2013" to a tattoo of the Cup that he got on his right arm after the Blackhawks' triumph in 2010.

According to NBC Chicago, Pederson is so confident in the Blackhawks' hopes to win the Cup this year that he got the tattoo addition Wednesday afternoon before Game 4, which Chicago won 6-5 in overtime to even the series 2-2.

But what happens if the Bruins are champions this year? Pederson has a plan, but it will have to wait five years.

"I'll just wait until 2018 and hope they win it then, so I can put another three on the opposite side."

Stick-tap NBC Chicago

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