Here’s the Alice Cooper Coyotes Bobblehead you’ll welcome to your nightmares

The Phoenix Coyotes recently announced plans to stage "Coop's Troops Night" on Saturday, February 18, a unique special event that combines the honoring of United Stated service members and the creepiness of rock legend Alice Cooper. Cooper will be in attendance for the festivities, and the first 10,000 fans entering Arena will receive an Alice Cooper bobble head.

Suffice it to say, an Alice Cooper bobble head sounded amazing. But we had no idea exactly how amazing until the Coyotes were kind enough to send us a photo.

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Why yes, he is wearing diamond-studded heels and a Coyotes jersey. Amazingly, he didn't have the snake when he left the factory and no one knows where it came from.

This is awesome and I want several, but can you imagine having this thing in your house, knowing this terrifying trinket is watching you while you sit alone at night?

You turn around. His head is bobbing spontaneously. Suddenly, it stops. You look away. The next time you turn back, the podium is empty. You look to your left. He's on the sofa next to you. And oh god where did the snake go?

The Alice Cooper bobble head is a must-have for anybody who collects items that will no doubt try to kill them.