Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub reportedly accosted at his house by upset fans

Whatever you might think about Matt Schaub as a quarterback, we should all agree that going to his house to accost him for poor play is absolutely unacceptable.

The CBS affiliate in Houston via Sports Radio 610, citing a source close to law enforcement, said that upset fans showed up at Schaub's house to tell him off. The report said Houston Police Department was called by the NFL.

No arrests were made, the CBS report said. The fans left on their own before police could respond. The report also said one fan took photos of Schaub's family.

What would cause a person to believe that is OK?

Schaub has struggled lately, throwing an interception that was returned for a touchdown in a NFL record four straight games. Fans can pay their money and boo Schaub or go on social media or call a radio station to criticize him; that's just part of life as a NFL quarterback. Invading his privacy like that and posing a threat to him and his family is over the line and borderline insane.

Hopefully this mess gives us some perspective. No matter the fame Schaub has or the money he makes, nobody deserves to have some lunatics show up at their house and berate them about their performance on a football field.

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