Aaron Rodgers wins his episode of Celebrity Jeopardy


Your move, Jay Cutler.

Aaron Rodgers added another line to his already impressive resume, winning Tuesday's episode of Celebrity Jeopardy. The Green Bay Packers quarterback beat Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary and astronaut Mark Kelly using responses that ranged from Alexander the Great to Bruce Springsteen lyrics.

Rodgers final score was $8,399, which won $50,000 for his chosen charity, Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer. O'Leary and Kelly both won $10,000.

Though Rodgers proved to be quick with the buzzer, his victory didn't come easy. He missed a few clues in a category involving his alma mater, Cal-Berkeley and then also guessed incorrectly on Final Jeopardy.

The correct answer for the final clue? Harley-Davidson, which of course is one of the most famous companies in Rodgers' adopted home state of Wisconsin. Rodgers had fun with his wrong response, tweeting a reference to the old Saturday Night Live bit afterward.

Nevertheless, you have to admire Rodgers' run of success these past few years. One Super Bowl title, two MVPs, a Hollywood girlfriend and a championship bid on a popular quiz show.

Oh, and he's in a line of commercials so famous that even Alex Trebek can't help but imitate them.

All of that said, I believe that Rodgers could have faced tougher competition.

While it's one thing to beat an astronaut, it's another thing to top this guy ...

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