WNBA All-Star Sophia Young plans on voting ‘no’ on a same sex marriage bill that doesn’t really exist

The city of San Antonio will soon decide whether or not to add language to an existing nondiscrimination law that would include protection for those who are being discriminated against due to their sexual orientation or gender identity. It’s a fairly common law, country-wide, one the NBA itself champions in its own nondiscrimination policy.

With that in mind, the San Antonio Spurs recently drew up a letter supporting the potential change. From the San Antonio Express-News:

In the letter addressed to [San Antonio mayor Julian] Castro, Rick Pych, president of business operations for Spurs Sports & Entertainment, offers his organization's support.

“SS&E and the NBA have historically been leaders in diversity and nondiscrimination,” Pych wrote. “SS&E has demonstrated a commitment to fair employment practices, which has resulted in a diverse workforce in our multicultural community.”


Castro said he's pleased to see support from the business community, which includes the Spurs franchise.

“Successful companies clearly get that nondiscrimination provisions that apply to the LGBT community make good business sense and are the right thing to do,” he said.

Makes sense all around, to everyone but the San Antonio Silver Stars forward Sophia Young. Young, who plays for a WNBA team that is affiliated with their NBA counterparts in San Antonio, recently confused the bill for a same sex marriage vote, and said as much on Twitter:

This is kind of weird, because that’s not what this particular vote is deciding. Individual cities can’t really decide whether or not to allow same-sex marriages, and the Republic of Texas does not have a same sex marriage bill on its docket this fall. After apparently being informed of this on Twitter, Young strangely decided to keep trumping up her opposition to a bill that doesn’t exist, imploring her followers to vote “no” on something that isn’t actually up to be voted upon:


As the Huffington Post noted, Young’s tweets were met with much derision. Partially because she’s standing in opposition to a bill that isn’t real, but also because of the WNBA’s lasting and strong partnership with the LGBT community. Seattle Storm legend Lauren Jackson chimed in soon after:

The vote – which, (again Sophia) is not to legalize gay marriage in the city of San Antonio – is set for Thursday.