Video: Phil Mickelson falls down on the rocks at Pebble Beach

There is something genuinely adorable about the derpy-ness of Phil Mickelson. He's a big, lovable golfer that does the dorky thumbs-up while he's out there on the golf course killing it, and fans love him and his whole schtick no matter if he's winning or losing.

But he isn't Tiger Woods. He isn't that muscular machine on the golf course that looks more robot than human. He's, dare I say, "normal" in as normal a sense as a guy can be that has 41 PGA Tour wins and four majors, so when he does stuff like eat it on the rocks at Pebble Beach you can't help but watch it over and over with a slight smile on your face.

Phil hit his drive down the rocks at 18, went searching for it and as you can see above, ended up on his tail. Mickelson went on to make an 8 on the hole, leaving him very, very close to missing the cut at an event he won a season ago.

This is simply Phil being Phil. How can you not love this guy?

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